Seventh Heaven

My first baby is seven. But don't dare call him baby.
Or anything babyish.
That comes with seven. Or first grade.
Or having younger brothers.
Or something.
All I know is gone are the days of
referring to him as 'baby' or 'cute' or 'sweet.'
It's okay though. I love Seven on Spinner.
It has come with a sincere zeal for learning. A love of reading.
A bit of a competitive edge. Compassion
for his younger brothers. An ownership of his things.
An increased desire to perfect a British accent.
A developing interest in things that are scary (like his dad).
Artistic ability.A propensity toward headaches and
sensitivity to heat (like his mom, poor thing).
A spirit of helpfulness. A sense of adventure.
And a desire to drive. Yep, already.
Happy Birthday, Spinner!
It's great being your mom!


My name is Sarah said...

Happy, happy birthday:)

the Provident Woman said...

Happy Birthday!

My girls wont let me call them baby anymore either. Whenever I do they just say Dean is the baby.

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