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I'm guessing that most of you bloggers out there, and blog readers, know Stephanie Nielson of the Nie Nie Dialogues. To say that she has been through a lot is a ridiculous understatement. Yesterday, she sat on Oprah's couch to tell a little of her story. I hope you caught it.

Oprah could have gone any number of directions with the segment on the Nielson's. Their story is complex and involves a large extended family who all stepped up to help during her recovery. Her focus, however, was on Stephanie the mom. Fighting her way back to her family. Fighting hard to get back to the mundane activities of the average stay-at-home mom. Activities that Oprah called "sacred." Making lunches, giving baths, answering 10,000 questions a day, helping with homework, doing laundry. The things that most of us gripe about are the things that Stephanie craved.

To drive home this message Nie was paired with a woman who sent Oprah an email griping about her mundane life as a stay-at-home mom. Did you know that people sent Oprah emails complaining about their lives? I didn't. The mom, Andrea, spent a day in Stephanie's home. I think it was a vulnerable move on both their parts.

The whole show was good. A reminder that life can change instantly. Thanks Stephanie for the reminder that some of the most mundane parts of life can be the most sacred and meaningful.


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