Conversations with Luke

Talking with Luke is usually enjoyable, if not exhausting, and often entertaining. Here are some of our most recent dialogues:

While driving downtown. . .

Luke: Why do those signs (crosswalks) have human beings on them when it is time for people to walk but a hand on them when it is time for the cars to go? It should have a picture of a car, not a hand.

Me: Well, because those signs are meant for people who are walking, not people who are driving. The "human being" means it is safe to cross the street and the hand means to stop because it is not safe to cross the street.
Luke: Why isn't it safe to cross the street?

Me: Because cars are passing.

Luke: Then why doesn't it just have a picture of a car?

Me: I'm not sure Luke, good question. A hand held up is sort of a universal sign for stop - so when people see that they know they need to stop.

Luke: But they need to stop because there are cars coming, so they should just have a picture of a car. . .

And so it goes until I finally say - yes Luke, you are right. They should have a picture of a car.

Since Easter we have been having many conversations about Jesus, the cross, sin, forgiveness, heaven - you know, light and easy stuff.

Luke: Mommy, tell me again why Jesus died on the cross.

Me: Remember the story about Adam and Eve and how sin came into the world?

Luke: Yes (and he goes into a dramatic retelling of creation, Adam and Eve and the fall)

Me: Well, you know how there are consequences for you when you do things that you shouldn't? Because Adam and Eve brought sin into the world when they disobeyed God everyone born after that was born with sin too, and someone needed to pay the consequences for that sin.

Luke: Oh yea, right. So Adam and Eve got in trouble.

Me: When they disobeyed God it damaged their relationship with him and God wanted to make it right. So he sent Jesus to take the consequences for sin, for all of us.

Luke: But mommy, Jesus is God and God is Jesus.

Me: Yes, that's right Luke.

Luke: Well, anyway, that sure was nice of Jesus.

Me: yes, it was.

Luke: Mommy, from now on when I disobey you and daddy and get in trouble I want Jesus to take my consquences. (followed by laughing and knee slapping)

And lastly,

Me: Luke, do you know why Wil is so wet?

Luke: (looking at me sheepishly) Well, I don't want you to get mad at me.

Me: Is there a reason I might get upset with you?

Luke: Mommy, I was just so tempted. I had water in my mouth and it was so tempting, I mean really tempting. I just wanted to spit it on Wil and I was so tempted that I just had to do it. (Shoulders shrugging)


Gainesville Christian Surfers said...

Hey Stacy-

I've been keeping up on the blog. It's so crazy how fast your chillins are growing up!! Jenn and I miss miss you guys!!

Talk to you later-

Steve Mac

Ctina said...

Greg and I love "what Luke says" posts. :)

janethayes said...

Girl, I hadn't checked in lately, so I laughed out loud over your conversations with Luke. Hysterical. Keeps you on your toes, doesn't he. What's also fun is when they begin to experiment with cause and effect. I think I still have baby powder on my ceiling fans....

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