In Sickness and In Health

For the second time in 2 months we have been hit with the stomach flu. For Wil it all started last Friday while I was with Timothy at the hospital. The days that followed have been filled with vomiting and very messy diapers. Wil is really quite pitiful when sick. When awake a steady moan can be heard throughout the house and when asleep he is so out of it that he doesn't wake when, well, there has been a GI emergency. Instead he continues to sleep and roll around in his crib waiting for us to come in and find the disaster. He is so lathargic that he can hardly sit up so I often find him folded over like a taco where I last placed him.

And then there is Luke. His started Sunday night around 7. He was sick about every hour throughout the night. We knew it was happening because it was preceded by a panick of "oh no, oh nooo". He has not been sick since Monday night but remains very weak and makes sure that we all know it. He has also taken to the floor. When he gets up off the sofa he curls up on the floor because upon standing he realizes he "can't do it" (said in a drawn out whine). But he doesn't want to miss any action, whether it's running a bath for Wil or dealing with Timothy, so he rolls as close to the activity as he can. If we are upstairs he simply rolls to the base of the stairs.
Last night, after being carried upstairs by dad he managed to brush his teeth and make it into his room but rather than climbing into bed he fell to the floor. I told him that he needed to help me help him into bed. "I can't do it", he muttered. I then told him that while his dad and I are happy to help him while he is sick there are things he needs to try to do for himself, like walking. His response? "But mommy, why would I do things for myself when you can do them for me?" Right.
So that's where we have been since Friday. Oh, and I was also hit with this from Sunday through Monday night. James did a great job as dad, husband, nurse, and housekeeper!


janethayes said...

Poor Wil. He makes me want to pick him up and hold him. Precious little guy. Luke is one smart cookie. He's sick, too. So come on Mom and Dad. Use my script. All kids seem to do that. Ben likes to work on me when he rebounding from some ailment or other. I have herd other moms say the same thing. I don't know how you manage with 3 kids. I bet you don't have time to see about yourself. Do mommies of young kids ever have time to see about themselves?

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