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He's smiling now but he won't be on the 20th. We found out today that our little guy, Timothy, must have surgery. It is "minor" though it does require general anesthesia. He has a slight issue in his, ahem, private area, so a pediatric urologist is going to have to do a little snipping to make sure things are as they should be. Better now than later right? At this point I am pretty sure that the most traumatizing part for him will be the fact that he cannot eat/drink after 1 am the night before. Not something our little chunker is accustomed to just yet.


janethayes said...

Dearest Stacy,
The wole event will probably be harder on you than on him. Who wants to watch their little sweetie go through any kind of procedure. This surgery and your oint gives new meaning to the part in the Scripture when Timaothy gets circumcised as a young man, without the benefit of any type of medicine for pain relief. oooooooo I just wnat to reach out and hug both of you. It'll be o-tay.

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