Our Budding Photographer

It is always fun to stumble upon something that reveals what Luke has been up to. While looking for some pictures we came across these.

These are just a handful out of the 40 pictures he took in our tiny half bath off the kitchen. (Most are not suitable for printing:) )

And speaking of the bathroom. On the way to school today Luke was sharing with me some of the jokes and games he and his friends play. "What if you were frozen like a spoon?" hahaha. "or a rug?" hahaha. He then informs me that while those are funny he "prefers to use bathroom language" - "What if you were frozen like poop?" hahahaha, head back, hahaha.

Sigh. The male fascination with bathroom humor starts so young!!
(that one was for you Greg and Christina)


Ctina said...

Awesome... don't you love how little kid jokes make absolutely no sense?! And as you know they'll be 25 and still laughing at the word "poop".
Thanks for the shot out!

kerin said...

LOL! I'm so glad to see this post, Stacy, as Nathan did the EXACT same thing today! No kidding, I think there were about 30 totally random pictures of himself and things in the room on the camera, and he was THRILLED with his photography of himself. Glad to see he has a like soul close by;)

Greg said...

You have to love little kid jokes, especially the jokes with poop. Thanks for the Luke moments, you know we dig em.

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