In response to my last post. . .

the following was left in my comments section. So I am passing it along to you. Thanks KathyR.

another thing that people can do to bring awareness to the incredible bias that some doctors have against unborn babies with Down syndrome is to sign the petition here. The plan is that people who sign it can then print it out on March 20th and send it to their representatives in Congress on March 21, which is World Down Syndrome Awareness Day (3/21) and ask them to support the Brownback-Kennedy Prenatally and Postnatally Diagnosed Condition Awareness Act.

Take a look at the link, read about the petition, and if you feel led please send it in. I live with a number of fears for Wil - some legitimate and some not. One is that faces like his will become harder to find, and that one day he will ask me why.

Now, on a much lighter note. Come back Tuesday and I will tell you how we managed last week with both James and I knocked out with the flu and strep throat while trying to care for Luke and Wil (both sick at various points) and Timothy (not sick but very unhappy that the rest of us weren't so playful). Right now I must climb back into my germy bed because this little bit of typing has worn me out!


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