Poor Luke. . .

His self-esteem really suffers.

Me: So Luke, how was school today? Was Parker back? (his best little bud who has been out sick)

Luke: He was back. And today, the two of us, we were funnier than EVER! We were so funny that we should have been put in jail. THAT is how funny we were. We were really, really funny.
(as he cackled to himself, evidently re-living their comedic genious.)


Jen said...

Hahahaha!! Aren't kids just great??!!! :)
Glad to see you guys are doing better and great to see you at church even though it seems we're always waiving at each other from a distance....
Reid really enjoyed his time with James this morning also - big blessing to him - of course I don't see how meeting at Adrianas could ever NOT be a blessing.! :)

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