Sprucing Things Up

Don't go, you are in the right place! I have decided to spruce things up around here by giving the ole' blogger a little mid-winters face lift. James tells me this is a little "cutesy," something I usually stear clear of, but I am okay with that here. With the mess, mud, grime, and gas that comes with raising three boys I decided I wanted something bright and sunshiney on my little spot on the internet.

My new look, by the way, is compliments of Lynn over at The Burp Rag Chronicles. I "met" Lynn nearly four years ago when I stumbled onto a board of women trying to figure out infertility issues. I had been diagnosed with secondary infertility due to a luteal phase defect. Okay too much information I know. Lynn was one of the women in this chat group and now, four years later, I continue to keep up with her and two other women from the original group. Never met any of them though they have been a real encouragement to me through the years. So Lynn, being the kind person that she is, and knowing my illiteracy when it comes to anything computer, offered to redo my blog. Lynn is very good with computer codes and whatnot. I don't even know what 'html' means. But I want to learn, really I do. It is on my list of things to accomplish right after photography, sewing, master gardening, and scuba diving. Well maybe not scuba diving, it looks cool but frankly I would rather be in the mountains. But for now my time is filled with changing diapers, wiping noses, washing clothes, and preventing devastating injuries so I am grateful to Lynn for stepping in and making my blog less boring. Thank you friend!

And speaking of sprucing things up. . . Maybe it was the unseasonably warm weather today or maybe I just got fed up with all the things on my "to do" list but whatever it was it got us moving on a few things around the house so I am not complaining. First can I just say I am caught up on ironing. That hasn't happened in, oh, five months or so.
Then we went outside.
James assisted Luke in cleaning the interior of my mom-van. Luke was quite proud of his accomplishment and I have not seen the inside of my car this clean since we bought it. We'll see how long it can stay that way.

While they were working on that I was bordering the bed in front of our house with some big rocks.
I like these rocks because they come from the creek that runs through my parents property. We have been collecting them since we moved into our new home and have bordered two full beds with them in the front with a couple more to go. It has been a slow process but I think we will like the end result. It is different, a bit more rustic, and we get to pick out each one which is kinda cool. We have run into a problem though. We have had no trouble excavating these rocks because the creekbed has been dry as a bone since last summer due to the drought we have been in. But now. . . the creek runneth over from all the recent rain we have had. Good for our state and all the farmers around here. Bummer for my incomplete borders.

Later on we went over to my parents where James assisted Papa in putting the framework up on Luke's treehouse.

Luke and Nonnie test out the stability of the treehouse. Luke appears very official here with his hand on his hip. He is probably lecturing Nonnie on the process of making lumber from trees.

Timothy did some exploring while the big guys worked. Shoveling is hard work too ya know.

uhhh, what's going on here? I am just going to take it slow and steady, keeping my nose to the ground, and hope these beasts don't see me.

Wil also enjoyed the great outdoors while signing his favorite song. Itsy Bitsy Spider. Here in this photo the spider is climbing the water spout.
And the exciting part - out comes the sun and dries up all the rain. Yaayyyyy!!! Awww, shucks. Now I'm embarrassed.


Tammy and Parker said...

I would love to trade links with you! I'm so glad you de-lurked!

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