Luke's musings

Conversations with Luke are all over the map.

Sometimes there is no conversing involved, just declarations from Luke, like this morning when he announced. . . "I am made with a faulty molecule and may blow up at any moment."

Uhhh, okay, thanks for the warning.

And on the way home from school, when we have some of our most profound conversations, he stated the following. . . "I really don't like girls at all. But that's okay, daddy didn't either when he was my age. I figure when I am a grown up and have to marry one I will learn to like them then."

That's a good strategy, Luke.

And later while returning from a trip to town Luke was thinking out loud. . . "The letter 'c' has the ka ka ka sound right? (not really needing or waiting for an answer) So why isn't Luke spelled L-u-c-e?"

Letters have different sounds depending on where they are placed in a word. A 'c' in your name would make the 's' sound. (I am not even sure if that is true now that I think about it.)


Just does, Luke (not feeling up to explaining all the rules of spelling and such - and, hmmm, not really knowing all the rules to spelling and such. I'm a perfect example of why some parents just shouldn't homeschool.)

"Well then how am I supposed to know when to use the right letter?"

You'll figure it out. (How's that for stellar parenting!?)


Spitmonkey said...

Okay, I imagine that a lot of the conversations with my mother-in-law and my husband at Luke's age went like that. I cracked up at the molecule comment!! Oh man. You'd think he was a chemistry major in college or something. :)

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