Happy Birthday Papa!

Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Dad! A man who has loved and served well his whole live. He has served his country with commitment and honor as a Marine, he has served his community for three decades in law enforcement and now has the often thankless job of keeping kids safe (and in many cases keeping the community safe from the kids) for a local school district. Most importantly, at least to some of us, he has sacrificially loved and served his family with consistency and strength. And now that he has three demanding grandsons down the street he is back in the business of putting together toys, pulling out splinters, and flipping burgers for birthday parties. Not to mention providing handyman services for James and me.

So Happy Birthday to Dad, Papa, Pop (Luke's new name for papa - evidently at 5 it becomes much cooler to shorten everyone's name to one syllable. I am no longer mommy but mom, James is now dad and my mom, previously called Nonnie is being called Non.) Anyway, back to Pop. We pray that this year brings you much joy. You know you won't get any peace with us around. :)


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