James and I had hoped to make a day trip to Asheville today. It wasn't meant to be. Again.

Wil was sick yesterday so we saw the writing on the wall. I have been feeling crummy for over a week now and that peeked last night when during my 2 am coughing spasm I was certain the pressure behind my right eye and ear was going to create a nasty mess for James to clean up. So, since James had already arranged to be off today I called and begged to be seen by my doctor. After explaining my symptoms the good doctor looked in my right ear, laughed, asked how I could even hear, then proceeded to sandblast my ear in order to get a wax cork out (that's right!) and I was quickly diagnosed with a nasty sinus and ear infection and sent home with three prescriptions. Hopefully in a couple of days I will be feeling a little less thick in the head. Maybe.

So, on to our serendipitous moment. After feeding Wil and Timothy (Luke was at Nonnie and Papa's were he was no doubt having a hamburger) I was on the floor working with Wil. We were mainly working on coming from sitting to stand when on his own initiative he removed his hands from me, stood alone and took two steps toward me. The second step may be questionable as he was falling into me but I am counting it! Did you hear the screaming? James and I had him do it again and again and being the dutiful guy that he is he did so until his legs gave out.

Here he is coming to stand. Taking one step. Then another.

My body still feels crummy but my spirits are soaring. We are so proud of this little guy!


sjchatt said...

That is SUCH great news, Stacy and James! Congratulations on his amazing new accomplishments!
I really enjoy reading your blog and checking in on your life in SC. God bless y'all this holiday season.
Sending love to all of you,
Scott and Jessica Jones

Michelle said...

WOOHOOO!!!!!!! Go big guy!

jennifergg said...

Oh these are fantastic photos. SO familiar to me, in the very best sense...CONGRATULATIONS AND BIG xoxoxoxo

Spitmonkey said...

Gorgeous, Stacy! Wil is such a trooper!!

waldenhouse said...

Thanks Everybody. I was really overwhelmed with pride that night. He still has a long way to go. It's tough to feel so excited then be told by ortho how very weak his ankle's are, etc. We are encouraged all the same. Appreciate your encouragement.

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