It's not your fault mom

That's what Luke said to me as I was backing out of the garage with everyone in the van while on the cell phone filing a claim with the insurance company for a broken windshield (honestly, having them confined in their seats feels like the only time I can get through a business call). Slam! I ran into the jeep. The jeep which had just returned from the shop. Sigh. The part that bothers me about this is not that I hit the jeep. No harm done to the jeep or van - a few more black scuffs actually makes it easier to identify among the sea of silver vans in the Wal Mart parking lot. No, what really bothers me is how quickly Luke jumped in to emotionally take care of me. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate his sensitivity and love that he is a compassionate little boy. But I do worry that, at five, he is taking on roles he should not. He tells me often that he can't wait for his brothers to walk and talk so they can play with him ( me too, I think ) and does his very best to play on their level. I have been his play mate and companion for some time now and Luke has watched me closely. He has watched me struggle after Wil was born, struggle through Timothy's pregnancy and then his birth, struggle with our recent move and the strain it has caused. I am always aware that he is watching and try to be careful about what I am communicating but I am also aware that Luke picks up far more than I realize. And somewhere in the midst of all this he is feeling like he needs to take care of me. So, this dynamic. Not good. I'm not worried, we'll get it worked out. Just not so bummed I hit the jeep anymore.

And Luke. Praise God that he has been given some desire and talent in the art department. Because Wil and Timothy cannot play with him the way he desires and I cannot sit with him without constant interruption Luke has had opportunity to develop his drawing abilities. Here are two of his recent pictures. He really does enjoy coloring, drawing, and writing. He is particularly into rainbows right now as you might notice some on the boys t-shirts. In fact today we saw two rainbows in the afternoon sky. Luke got so excited because we have not had any rain and said he thought God put them there just to cheer him up since he did not have a very good day. ( He wanted to go to the football game with James and the Gainesville crew that came to town for the USC/UF game and was very disappointed to be left with me and his brothers) The rainbows did indeed cheer him up and we had a very nice evening.


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