Happy Day After Halloween

Remember the Halloween scene from ET? Kids coming out of the gutters, around the corners, out of the trees, and God knows from where else, swarming the streets of the neighborhood, lining up at homes begging for candy? That was our experience last night. Pure madness I tell ya. It was fun. Luke loved it and had as much fun sitting on our front porch rockers handing out candy when we returned from our jaunt around the neighborhood as he did knocking on doors. And Wil and Timothy seemed mesmorized by the sites and sounds of Halloweens and there were plenty. Our neigbors go all out, it is really remarkable. Some of these folks clearly have more time on their hands than we do.
If you can’t tell from the pics Wil was a Monkey, which suits him because he is the best climber in the house and it is his best animal noise and Timothy was a dragon. Doesn’t really suit him but the outfit was super cute. Luke actually dressed as a pirate for the second year in a row, giving up his desire to be a ghost when his craft-challenged mom couldn’t get the eyes to line up properly. He was a great sport about it though. We have already decided that next year our two little guys, who will be walking, are going to be Thing One and Thing Two from Dr. Seuss. I think I better start on those costumes now since I had a hard time making a sheet work.


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