A Welcome Sight

Our home was blanketed in a sea of orange and blue over the weekend as we welcomed some University of Florida students that James worked with during our time in Gainesville. They made the drive to Columbia to watch their gators, ahem, embarrass my team, South Carolina. They were gracious winners and we had a great time visiting with them and our kids had so much fun playing with them. Here are a few pictures of their visit.

We recently had some trees removed from the backyard so the guys tried out the new space with a game of softball. Sorta. I'm not sure that we actually have a softball and I am not sure if that is actually a bat but since our yard is pretty much a dirt lot right now a game of pick up stick ball was appropriate.

Timothy and Rob enjoyed some one on one together. All I know about this is that I kept hearing Rob say, "this is the coolest toy, this is the coolest thing ever. . ." I'm not sure if he was talking about the stacking stars or the dump truck. Either way I think a break from the books was definitely needed. :0)

Timothy wowed and amazed everyone with his ability to stuff as much banana as we placed in front of him in his mouth. He is indeed a talented young lad.

James and Ryan were able to grab a few semi quiet moments (until I wandered in with the camera) to catch up on issues slightly more serious than Gator football.

Brandon and Wil enjoyed a little ball

And Luke and Stephanie (his personal favorite, I believe) played a mean game of Caraboo.

Luke especially loves a house full of people. The more the better. This group seemed to encourage some very random statements, proverbs if you will, from little Luke around the breakfast table. The crowd favorite, that we all pondered, but left us a little puzzled was, "If you want peace then you must sleep with your hair squared." This was evidently inspired by Ryan's coif.

We so enjoyed the added chaos for the weekend. These guys were such an encouragment to us and left us only slightly homesick for Gainesville. :)


Kelly said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm sorry to have missed the trip. Thanks so much for keeping us all updated on your truly blessed chaos. I miss you all tons and appreciate keeping up with the fun!

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