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At one and the same time I seem to want to communicate to others that our lives, because of Wil's presence, are not any different than anyone elses and our lives are quite a bit different than everyone elses. We strive to advocate for Wil, to remind others that having Down syndrome simply gives him an extra 21st chromosome and that given time he will accomplish many of the things his peers will accomplish. And we do believe that he will. But our lives are different. When I look at how my friends that do not have kids with special needs spend their time or plan their outings I realize, yes our lives are different. I am not complaining. It is our reality and I wouldn't change it. I have been thinking about this reality the last few days though. While certainly not exhaustive, here are a few ways you know you have a child with special needs in your home:
1. Medical files are housed in three ring binders, not folders.

2. You have had to ditch one pediatrician in search of another that knows at least as much as you do about your child's medical needs.

3. Painting the table with yogurt is Occupational Therapy.

4. Climbing from floor to chair to table and tossing dishes, while discouraged, is Physical Therapy and secretly applauded.

5. You have had to hand your child over for at least one major surgical procedure with fear and trepidation.

6. Spitting is Speech Therapy. As is blowing repeatedly into a harmonica, whistle, or any other instrument - Ouy Vey!
7. The staff at the doctors office's know you by name.

8. You don't ever buy a toy without thinking about it's therapuetic value.

9. Insurance companies won't touch your child with a ten foot pole.

10. But that's okay because you find there are good programs out there to help out.

11. You know which ER's to avoid.

12. You have your doctor's private number.

13. Under no circumstances do you cancel an appointment with a specialist.

14. You live with a mild physical and emotional weariness.

15. You could take up part time work as a PT, OT, SLP (okay, not really, but it feels like it).

16. You can't believe your pride when the smallest of milestone's are met.

17. You can't believe your amazing good fortune that God brought this child into your family.


Michelle said...

nodding vigorously. You got it. Blessed, we are.

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