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With some frequency we are asked when Wil is going to walk. He will be three in March. Most kids with Down syndome are walking by 28 months or so; Wil is definitely considered a "late walker." Our answer, of course, is that we don't know. Admittedly I have days when I wish he were walking. Usually that desire springs from my own aching back than from hopes for him. It's not that I don't want him to walk - I do - it's just that I really do enjoy Wil exactly where he is and I enjoy watching him strive, explore, work, and play as he learns about the world around him.

There is news on this subject in the Down syndrome world. A study, here showing that babies that train on a treadmill walk 4-5 months before those that do not. I really like what Jennifer over at Pinwheels said about this. I can't really say it better myself.

And then there is Timothy. He is approaching 15 months and he is not walking. I know. Not that big of a deal. But am I ready for him to walk? Yep, yep I am. You see. He can walk, he just won't! He won't because Wil isn't and he does not do anything that Wil does not do. I know - sweet, right? Wil cruises furniture and walks behind a push toy and that is all T will do. T does it really well and is very stable - I have spotted him transferring and standing alone but he plops as soon as he knows he is seen. T, like his brother, will not walk while holding our hands. He does the noddle legs thing. Absolutely refuses to place weight on them. Although now that Wil is showing interest in standing alone and taking a random step we have our fingers crossed that T is taking notes.

Here they are on the playground. Wil went belly first down the slide, so T went belly first down the slide.
And here they are testing out the kiddie seesaw.

Timothy has also picked up all of Wil's sign language, which is great, though he is seemingly uninterested in trying out verbal communication. Unless it involves guttural squeals.

Timothy and Wil are great buddies. For now, Wil is being looked up to as big brother. He is being admired by Timothy. He is being mimicked throughout the day, it is really sweet. I know that one day that will stop. I know that one day Timothy will grow into his own skin, he will stop wanting to be like his big brother and Wil's place in the family may shift. One day it is going to be Wil trying to keep up with T, so for now I am going to enjoy the dynamic and the fact that I am getting some forced exercise with 28 lbs in each arm.


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