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In my family, for the most part, we know what we will be receiving for Christmas. It's just easier that way. Everyone gets what they want. No one wastes their money. We don't have to feign loving gifts that we just don't dig and then figure out what to do with them. And we don't have to fight the after Christmas traffic to return unwanted or unneeded gifts. We like it this way. Now, admittedly it takes away the element of surprise for the giver and the receiver but we have learned through the years that, eh, that's a small price to pay. This year, however, I got a fun little surprise. But first I must give a little back story. . .

A couple weeks ago I had another "what has happened to my life" moment. My cousin has opened a new boutique. She is a fashionista of sorts. Very hip and stylish and wears designers I only read about. She recently opened her own boutique, called Max and Prissy. Needing some fresh air and desperate to get out of the house I decided to go check out her new store. There was a time when I would not leave the house without at least applying a little lip gloss and mascara but not anymore. I went up to visit my cousin's store in all my ragged glory - no makeup, hair disheveled, with all the boys - Timothy had dried blood running down his nose from banging it on the bed frame earlier and Wil had dried up yogurt on his face because he has an everlovinfit if I try to wipe it off and that day it just wasn't in me. And Luke was with me too, filthy cowboy boots and all. So here I go traipsing into this cool boutique with its hip sofa's, chair's and clothing displays. There is my cousin - looking all cutting edge along with her manager, also looking very cute and stylish. Now, I try to maintain some level of style but really I felt pretty darn UNHIP! And old. And wrinkly. And outdated. And boring.

So we descended on her store and I noted how very out of touch with up to date fashion I have become. I tried on a couple of cute pieces including a darling coat that I could not justify purchasing. Not only was it not within our budget but it wasn't practical for this mom of three small boys who just doesn't get out that much. I mean really, where would I wear such a cool, tweed, knee length coat? But it's fun to look right? So I replaced the clothes, peeled Luke off the floor where he had found a place to color, and loaded them back in my oh-so-cool minivan and declared myself officially "last season" as we headed home.

But first I got a Starbucks. At least I can have a Starbucks. As we drove home I looked in the rear view mirror at the boys laughing at each other and decided that I would take all my drabness for the madness that is my life. I don't think that being a mom means you have to give up on all the great styles that are out there but for me they have surely been redefined.

And my fun, surprise gift? The cool, tweed, knee length coat. I just love it. It was a gift from my mom, dad, and aunt Susan. Thanks you guys for keeping me hip and happeinin'!

Here is a picture of the coat. It surely doesn't do it justice. But Leah, I knew you would ask. :)and for those of you who are really bored and want a good look at the detail here are a couple more pics.
So if you are ever traveling through Columbia on I-20 make sure you get off on Clemson and visit Max and Prissy.


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