Boys, Gas, and Roughousing

Luke is really growing up. Some days I marvel at how mature he seems for a five year old. He asks such thoughtful questions. He is so helpful around the house. He is so insightful.

Other days, well, other days he seems very very five. And very very boy. Those are the days normally filled with bodily function sounds. This is a growing fascination with him much to my dismay. And there seems to be nothing I can do about this trend. The more I address how inappropriate it is the worse it gets. In fact yesterday I took L with me to run some errands, one of which involved going into the Kidney Foundation to turn over some paper work to donate our jeep. I had a nice brief talk with Luke before we entered the quiet pristine building about the nature of this office and what I hoped from him while we were inside. "Yes, ma'am." After, oohh, about five minutes Luke approaches the pleasant middle-aged woman at the reception desk and said, "watch this." He proceeds - before I can do anything to stop what is about to take place -to turn around, stick his bottom toward her desk and wiggle it while making the farting noise in his hand. That's right folks. Now, really, I was pretty speechless. Did that just happen in front of this obviously proper Southern Woman?! I am aghast but remain nonplussed, give a little "boys" chuckle and ask Luke to take my hand. I have never seen him do anything like this in the presence of perfect strangers. And after we had come to such a clear understanding just minutes before, noless!

Girls don't do these things do they???

Luke redeemed himself later while playing with Wil. This is where Luke's mature part comes in. And where he perplexes me a bit. The boy has a very low threshold for pain. And I do mean low. You don't want to be around when he gets a splinter for example, it is not a pretty scene and your eardrums are sure to be damaged. But Wil climbing all over him? He tolerates it. And it hurts. I can attest. Wil pulls, pokes, sticks fingers places where fingers shouldn't go, scratches, pushes, but Luke tolerates it all. He loves his brother and he tells him to be gentle and does his best to let him climb, poke, and push. Here is Luke "tolerating" Wil -now he is a little distracted by Curious George, that helps. :)


Greg said...

That first picture of Luke totally embodies the mature and mischievous of this funny!

waldenhouse said...

haha, yes. When I see that particular face I brace myself.

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