Melissa Riggio

Melissa Riggio, the daughter of the Barnes and Noble CEO Steve Riggio, was a talented young woman with a bright future. She loved to read, write and listen to music and was an inspiration to many. Melissa contributed an article to National Geographic Kids about living with Down syndrome and her desire to be known, ". . .I still have to remind myself all the time that it really is OK to just be myself. Sometimes all I see—all I think other people see—is the outside of me, not the inside. And I really want people to go in there and see what I’m all about."

Melissa was diagnosed with Leukemia last summer and lost that battle this week. Her family are strong advocates for Down syndrome and it has been a joy to hear Melissa advocate for herself as well as others who carry the extra 21st chromosome. She will be missed by the Down syndrome community.


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