Wil's Big Day, Part II

After six weeks of transition meetings and evaluations the day I had been mildly uneasy about arrived. Wil's first day of school. Oh noooo, the only time we leave the house this early is for a doctor's appointment.

Okay, I'll wave goodbye but I am not happy about it.

Hey, this doesn't look like the hospital. Cool!

After we take care of some business in the office we make our way to Wil's class. He was so fascinated with all the children making their way in, excited to be back after spring break. There was a definite energy in the hallways and Wil seemed drawn to it. When we got to his class he nearly dove out of my arms as he scanned the brightly colored room. And then he was off. Exploring the resource room, the kitchen, the activity center and finally finding a ball wedged between a bookshelf and the wall. When I left him he was signing "ball" and "help." He was going to be just fine. And I left with only a slight knot in my throat.

They aren't seen in this photo but Wil has discovered the books. He loves to flip the pages and sign away! I have a feeling he will be spending his free time in this little room.

Making his way around the chairs set up for 'circle time.' His teacher said that after circle today he actually stood and walked a few steps to her for his sticker! Yay Wil.
So this is where he will spend M-F mornings for the next two years, with the exception of a few weeks in the summer. I have a feeling he is going to be a different boy when he graduates. This transition may have been tough (on me) but it became very clear to me as I watched him respond to this new world that it is exactly where he needs to be.


Spitmonkey said...

Oh Stacy, I couldn't agree with you more. We kind of faced similar situation with Sydney and my going back to work. I had myself all worked up and she's really taken to going to school. There was about a week that was rough, mostly because she wasn't used to the "structure" they have there (art and so-and-so time, reading at this time, etc.) but after she gets the hang of it, we haven't had a bad day since. He is going to have a blast learning all sorts of new things, and he is going to be a changed young man just after a month in school, let alone two years. Enjoy it. :)

kerin said...

oh stacy, i'm so glad he took to it well! i can only imagine how hard it was to drop him off that first day. i'll be praying it will be an environment he thrives in and looks forward to everyday.

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