Our home needs a. . .

Our backyard is a mess right now. We have removed - thanks to the hard work of my dad and James - all the trees downed from the tornado and had the fence repaired. We also had the stumps ground. So what we have is a little boys dream behind our grass line. Mud, and lots of it!

So now our backyard is getting a face lift. We are laying more sod, cutting beds for perennial gardens and planting shrubs.

I really enjoy being in the yard and I hope the boys will develop an appreciation for gardening. For the beauty of a well maintained yard and colorful flowers, for the care involved in nurturing plants, for the patience involved in waiting for spring perennials to pop through the soil. And just being outdoors, using your hands to dig and plant and care for something.

But let's face it, my two little ones? They are all about destruction.

Who am I kidding? Will I really be able to instill an appreciation of beauty into this bruiser?

And this one? Well, he is all about making as big a mess as possible. And I suspect my perennial garden will be a tempting grab bag of color for these destructive little hands and less a thing of beauty to him.

Ahhh, boys.


Little Miss E said...

Those are awesome pictures! I'm just glad I wasn't the one that had to clean them up! Get out the hose! Ha ha, just kidding! Great pictures!

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