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We had just returned from Bean's non-MRI and he was cranky. Truth be told I was a little cranky, too. For Bean, nothing cures the cranks like a little Elmo so we grabbed a snack, put in an Elmo movie and snuggled on the sofa. That's when I heard a big thud at the door.

Strange sound, not really a knock, but something definitely hit the door. I peered over the sofa and caught a glimpse of our friendly, gentle, selfless post woman jumping in her post-mobile and speeding off. I went to the porch to find that, with tender love and care, she had lobbed a package onto our porch, evidently from roadside based on the indentation in the box.

I gathered our package and brought it inside to inspect, hoping that it wasn't fragile. Bean also did some inspecting.

We cracked it open to find that the T21 Traveling Afghan had made it's way to us, along with a journal revealing it's adventures.

Bean, ever the cautious one with anything unfamiliar, looked and touched with curiosity and gentleness.

Together we flipped through the pages of the journal, reading about the lives this lovingly made afghan had already touched. Other kids, from other cities and states, that share the diagnosis of Trisomy 21 are now sharing this afghan and calling it their own for one week before passing it along to the next family.

Bean enjoyed a little hide-and-seek, like so many other kids have done with this afghan.

It was pulled in to the nightly mosh pit.

And it joined him in bed. . .

This weekend we will say goodbye to this special afghan and send it on to the next family for more love and different experiences. If you want to keep up with the T21 travels be sure to check in here.


Little Miss E said...

I LOVE the pictures!!! I am glad you enjoyed the afghan and the stories in the journal. I haven't seen anything that has been written in it yet! I guess that's my part of the patience process with this project!

GREAT pictures! I can't wait to add them to the blog tomorrow! (And the photo montage!)

Thank you for participating!!

My name is Sarah said...

What great pictures!!! We love reading about the next stop on the journey of this afghan. So cool.

Mike said...

Hi. Love the pictures of your little one with the afghan. And I could not resist posting, because you're from "home" for me. I am a displaced Carolina boy who happens to also have a little boy with Mosaic Down syndrome....Anyway, just wanted to say hi and let you know I think your son is adorable.


waldenhouse said...

Thanks Ya'll!

Mike, thanks for the comment. I take it you live outside the Carolina's now? I moved back 2 years ago after living in FL for 12 years. It's good to be back!

Checked your blog - you need to get that thing going. I am confident that I should be an honorary member of the caffeine club and I would love to see pics of your boy.

Cheri said...

I saw your pictures on the traveling afghan blog and had to pop over...your little Bean reminds me of my Reid, just a bit older....He is so beautiful!!! He and Reid even have the exact same crib...and even the same gingham pillow case (Pottery Barn pillowcase?)

We will be receiving the afghan sometime in August I think.

Your boys are adorable!

bigben said...

hi waldenhouse,

i am having some trouble with the afghan-map. can you confirm that you sent it to myrtle beach as next stop? please check the map (,-80.430908&spn=3.358602,4.943848&z=8) and let me know if i am right so i can update correctly. thanx a lot, martin alias ben (

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