I'm not much of a talker.

Though I can get chatty, especially when I get nervous and/or am surrounded by other non-talkers. It's a lovely quality. The more nervous and uncomfortable I feel, the more I ramble on about absolute nonsense. An attempt to fill the palpably awkward space between me and the poor person in front of me.

One time in graduate school I offered to pick up my roommate's good friend from the airport. She was a childhood friend who was more like a sister, and was coming for a long planned visit. I was excited to finally meet the girl who starred in the stories I'd been hearing all semester. So, while my roommate was in class, I made the trek to the Orlando airport to pick her up. For some reason, I became increasingly anxious about meeting 'A.' By the time I arrived at the airport I was a ball of nerves. After meeting and getting on the road to head home the chatting started. Man oh man, did it start. I really wish I could remember what I went on about but I can't. I have blocked it from my memory. What I do remember is that I talked and talked and talked and was paying no attention to my driving. At some point I looked up and had no idea where I was. I had missed my exit on the Beeline and was in a part of Orlando I wasn't familiar with. I then chattered on about that to 'A' who must have felt like she had stepped into a bad dream. I confessed my weakness then pulled off to a gas station to ask an attendant for directions. We eventually made it home, only one hour late.

But nervous chatter aside, I really am not much of a talker. And in my house, it is becoming increasingly clear that there isn't room for me to be a talker anyway. So it works out just fine.

Spinner does ALL the talking. He is a true talker. The kind that moves from one topic to another with ease and only an occasional pause to inhale.

While at the grocery checkout yesterday Spinner began a "conversation" with the clerk. It was pretty one sided going something like this, as he put the ground beef on the counter. . .

I like this meat. I like it cooked, for hamburgers. Hamburgers are my favorite food. I just love them and have them as much as I can. Hamburgers come from cows so I guess I like cows too but my papa doesn't have any cows on his farm, he just has horses. Buck and Beau. But we don't eat horse meat. We just ride the horses. And scoop their poop. Sometimes I help my papa scoop horse poop, he even made me my own pooper scooper. It's just my size. But it smells, boy does it smell. My Non says that horse poop is good for the garden and will help the flowers to grow big. Hey, we just bought some more flowers for my mom's garden. I am going to help her plant them. My favorite part is watering them because then I can play with the hose. My brother Tank really likes to play with the hose too. Yesterday when mom was watering her flowers she kept spraying me and Tank and we would run away and then come closer, Tank kept asking for more but he was scared too because he would hide behind me. It was so funny. . . it was awesome. But Bean, he doesn't like to be sprayed with the hose. But he sure does love taking a bath!

Clerk: looking at Spinner in disbelief, with a partial smile and partial jaw drop. . . Wow. Ma'am? If you will slide your card now.

Spinner, to the Clerk: Do you like hamburgers?

Hmmmm, maybe Spinner and I are more alike than I thought.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

ROFLOL! I bet she had a good laugh about it when she got home! By the way, you inserted "Luke" in there at one point! ;)

waldenhouse said...

Thanks Renee, I am clearly not good at this anonymous stuff. Since it is to help prevent future embarrasment for them, if that's possible, I won't worry too much. :) But I did correct it.

And yes, I hope the cashier did have a good laugh. I would love to hear her retell it because I am pretty sure she was tuned out.

Spitmonkey said...

Holy crow, that is Sydney to a TEE. We should get her and Spinner together for a chat-fest. The only difference I see is that sometimes her thoughts never get finished.

"Hey mooooom! Can I go see the plant in the... oooooh! Look at that bird! Moooom!! I'm hungry can I have... wait! I forgot my crayon on the red table! I need to go... hmmm. I have to pee."

Ctina said...

Greg and I went out to eat at a nice little Italian place in WP a few months ago. We had already planned to eat lots of the (DELICIOUS) bread and only half our actual meals so as to have some for lunch the next day. Greg went to the RR and I asked for some more bread (they give you 3 pieces at a time), well the waitress looks me up and down and says something along the lines of, "Are you sure? You don't want too many calories and your meal too!" I tried to laugh it off and refrain from a snide vengeful comment, but when Greg got back to the table I was steaming. I STILL can't believe she commented on my caloric intake at dinner! It makes me mad just thinking of it! :p

Ctina said...

Oops...I think I meant that comment for another post...

Lark said...

That is awesome. Did he take a breath at all?

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