Play Ball

Spinner is playing baseball this spring. Here he is at third base. Yes, the game is in play and he is facing the wrong direction. But if someone from the sidelines throws a ball his way, he's ready!

I'm wondering if the game is a little slow for his particular personality.

Although it does provide ample opportunity to bend his body into random positions.

It also provides opportunity to make new friends and discuss important events like wiggling teeth. Spinner's not bashful, he sticks his finger right in his opponents mouth (during the game) to check out the looseness of his tooth and give his professional input on how close he is to D day.

He even made friends with the opposing team's 3rd base coach, who spoke to him with some regularity.

Please note the coaches face as he watches Spinner lose his glove. . . again. And apparently those folks in the background don't feel too threatened by six year old's at bat.

If you are ever feeling down and need a good laugh find the closest recreation center and check out a t-ball or coaches pitch baseball game. You won't be sorry.

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