This fella?

He has taken up residence in my back yard. And I feel sure he has some friends. This elusive MOLE is destroying my backyard. And he is seriously making me CrAzY!

Every day I see more evidence that he has been at work, creating an even more elaborate tunnel system, destroying the roots of my tender annuals and precious perennials, and my grass - oh, my grass!

Each morning I find a new mound where he has popped to the surface, no doubt to survey the scene, check out his own work, and recommit himself to destroying our once lush backyard.

I have news for you, Mole. I am not going to take this lying down. If you want this territory you are going to have to fight for it!

And as of tomorrow, I am bringing in the big guns! The Mole Eliminator

Let the games begin!!


Ctina said...

That device looks scary..we had one once and we even went to Ace Hardware to figure out how to get rid of it. We left being to scared to buy any death machines but as we pulled into the driveway and got out of the car we noticed a limp little mole body lying in the grass. He had died and we have no idea how/why. Kind of sad.

Mark Mattson said...

I was told that you can connect a hose to the tail pipe of your vehicle and put the other end into the mole hole. Then start the motor and pump carbon monoxide fumes into the tunnel, killing the mole quickly and quietly.

Tom P. said...

You do know that Bill Murray was fighting with a gopher, right? XD

waldenhouse said...

hahaha. Such a stickler, Tom. :) Yes, I actually do know that but I so identified with his frustration I couldn't resist the photo!

My mole, by the way, has eluded my trap and made his way to my neighbors yard.

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