If you have a few minutes. . .

please grab a seat and read this. It's written by our friend, Erik, from Four Oaks Community Church in Tallahassee, FL.

Are we on our way to repeating history?


Dorothy said...

he totally nails it when he touches on the value our culture places on expedience! this is sobering.

Anonymous said...

He is absolutely right. Thank you so much for posting that, Stacy - I wish, wish, wish people would open their eyes.

kerin said...

Interesting to read, Stacy. What caught my attention, though, is that the policy to "heavily sedate" patients is not restricted to the Netherlands, but is a practice here in the US also. Usually using narcotics, but when I worked as a nurse, there were some doctors who would give standing orders to give pain medication in doses that exceeded safe limits, and often lethal doses, in the name of keeping the dying person more comfortable. It becomes a very fine balance, especially when their liver was failing, to determine cause of death: the failing body, or the lethal doses of narcotics. i regularly struggled with this, as it wasn't a black and white picture, but very gray, and difficult to find the line of euthanasia.

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