Wreath Fundraiser and a Cool Family

Styrofoam, Burlap, Fabric, and Buttons. I'm throwing it all together for a good cause.

Kenny and Meredith Camacho are among the first people we met when we moved to SC to plant a church. Not only have they been an integral and important part of the leadership and decision making of our young church, they have become good friends, great encourager's to us and people we admire.

Kenny is a PhD candidate in English with a specialty in 20th Century American Literature. He is also a part of our church worship team. Meredith teaches special needs kids at the high school level and helps out with our children's ministry. They have a beautiful little girl, Evangeline, who recently turned one. Now they are looking to grow their family.

I'll let Meredith tell you about it, "We're adopting because we want another child. God has been leading us to adoption since before we were married. We've been prayerfully considering adoption for a long time now, and we feel like He's leading us to do this now. Since we've begun this process, we've already seen God working a lot in us and through other people, and that's been really reassuring to us."

As you know, adoption is a costly endeavor. The Camacho's are faithfully pursuing ways to raise support to cover the costs ahead of them and have been encouraged to see the Lord's faitfulness and affirmation along the way.

This is where the wreath comes in. I made this whimsical wreath for my mother as a birthday gift. After I made it, and got to enjoy it in my home for a few days before gifting it to my mom, I started thinking about the possibility of making these as a fundraiser for the Camacho adoption fund.

And so, after talking with Meredith, that's what I'm doing. I wish I could remember where I first saw this wreath so I could give them credit. It was on a home decor blog that I found by clicking from one cool blog to the next. I didn't save it but have remembered it since and decided to put my own spin on it.

We are getting the word out in a few ways but I thought this might be a good place to start. So, for you local yocals that would like to purchase a wreath all you have to do is email me and let me know.( My email is over there to the right in the sidebar) They are $15 and every penny goes toward the Camacho adoption fund.  If you live out of town and would like one I think we can arrange that, too. I need to check on shipping cost. We will just take it one order at a time and I will communicate final cost to you through email.

I can't do too much specialization but if there is a certain color you want me to stay away from please let me know. For example, if you just hate orange please tell me and I will avoid all manner of orange. Or if plaid makes you cringe, pass it on.

I already have one order so the cutting and glueing has begun. Now it's your turn.

For $15 you get a decorative, original wreath that can be hung anywhere and, more importantly, a chance to help a loving family bring their child home.

On behalf of the Camacho's, thanks for the support!


Ctina said...

Stacy, you should set up an Etsy shop :)


elizabeth said...

What a great idea, sign me up for one!

Cevallos Family said...

Esteban and I would love one!

Cevallos Family said...
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Caroline Parker said...

Joel and I need one here in Florida....but if it is Orange and Blue...I will send it back;)

Design Wanna-be said...

I want one too.

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