The Winter Blues are Vintage Gray

We have been a little puny around here lately. Mild stomach bugs in two of the boys, migraines for me, and general fatigue all around. Maybe winter blues are kicking in.

A sickly household hasn't stopped my project juices from flowing though. Maybe that means I'm obsessed. Lying in bed with my laptop perusing diy blogs while intermittently flipping through Country Living, Southern Living, Real Simple, BHG, Home catalogues. Nah. I'm just committed. Committed to creating surroundings that are comfortable, functional, beautiful, and warm.

Once I got off my duff I worked on a desk that I picked up for Spinner. I found it at His House thrift shop a few weeks ago and it has been waiting patiently for it's makeover. I was so excited to get going that I forgot to take a before picture. Oh well. You will just have to trust me that it was boring. Solid wood with wood block drawer pulls.

I painted the body Vintage Gray by Valspar and left the top natural. It's the same paint I used on Spinner and Bean's twin bed's last year.

Beds I found at a junktique shop. They were maple and really really shiney. Had to get rid of that. I went with the Vintage Gray not because it suits their current room/wall color but because I am thinking ahead. To the day we move. I'm banking on that happening within the next 6-7 months. I have big plans for our new home. No, I don't know where we will live yet. Or what the house will look like. What the space will be like. Or what projects will take priority. But like I said earlier, I have projects in mind. So what if some of them are for a yet to be determined home. My plan is for the boys room to be white board and batten - at least 2/3 of the wall - and I think this color, Vintage Gray, will look great against it.

Anyway, back to this project. I grabbed an old chair to use for his desk. It has been a number of colors, most recently black. I used that to my advantage since I was going to rough it up anyway. I thought the black and white and natural wood would look great coming through the gray.

I love it. And I love legs with lots of imperfections. Who says the prettiest legs are flawless? Not me, no-sir-ee.

Apart from a fresh paint job, some distressing, and glaze, I switched out the wooden block pulls for some brushed nickel pulls I found on clearence at Target. Much improved. Remember, you will just have to take my word for it!

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New Every Morning said...

I think it looks "grayt" :)
Love it!

Messy@ Bungalow'56 said...

It looks great. Good for you. I love the distressed look. It suits the desk. I'm currently considering painting my piano. I know crazy, but its nothing special and takes up a whole wall in our living room. Soo blah

Marianne@Songbird said...

I always forget to take a before picture too! Once I am ready and set to go I just can't wait.
Love the grey color! Your boy will be able to do some happy studying here.

Vintage Junky said...

I love it! I love grey!


Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking said...

Great idea on the gray... a great shade that he won't "out-grow". Thanks so much linking up to the Power of Paint Party!

Low Tide High Style said...

I love the gray color and those pieces will look beautiful...or should I say handsome since they will be in a boys room, up against crisp white board and batten walls!

Kat :)

Allison Shops said...

Looks great!

I hope everyone is feeling 100% soon.

Stephanie said...

Love it!! I live in Columbia and have never been to His House. Your find definitely makes me want to check it out though!

One Cheap B*tch said...

I don't normally like gray but this came out really nicely!

Rene said...

I REALLY love that gray! So glad to see that in a boy's room because we have a bed to paint and have been collecting thoughts about color. This helps, thanks.

Rhonda said...

Love it! I'm in SC too. said...

great job! hope everyone is well really soon!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

The creative juices have been flowing and you've been a busy girl! I love the curves on the head board and the shade of gray is just perfect. Gray can sometimes look blah and sterile, but there is none of that, here. I hope you get wellness and sunshine soon.

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