leaving things alone

No. I can't leave things alone.

I'm always tinkering.

Today. . . I'm tinkering with this place, Blessed Chaos.

Well, I meaning my friend Lynn.

When I do the actual tinkering I generally have to beg ask her to undo what I messed up.

My next purchase is going to be HTML for dummies.

Anyway, things are a little out of whack here right now and they may stay that way for the weekend because Pastor J and I are headed to the mountains for an overnight.

Without the kids.

Or schedules.

Toodles. . .


Anonymous said...

Well, Blogger is CSS, so that is often not covered or very little coverage in an HTML book. But if you *really* want to learn, I suggest just googling "Blogger CSS" and see what comes up. That how I learned what I DO know! :D It's how I learned HTML forever and a decade ago. Actually, I take that back, I did have a Dummies HTML book, I just never used it. LOL Hopefully I can figure out the text issue!

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