When Wil was born a lot changed in the life of our family. I have posted about many of those changes over the last year. One thing that his presence immediately did was propel James and me into becoming advocates for Wil. Now this is certainly true for all our kids - we are advocates for Luke and Timothy too. It is different with Wil though. We will have to speak up for him in ways that we will not have to speak up for Luke and Timothy. We have to know the medical system and be on top of his health care and his services. We have had to push for services that are due him. Being an advocate for Wil alone is one thing. Being an advocate for Down syndrome in general is another. I do consider myself an advocate for Down syndrome though I have publicly done little on this front. I often wonder as Wil gets older where I will use my voice.

Tom over at Narrow Ridge wrote about this on 1.25.08 and posted a great video showing what one mom is doing. Very inspiring. Check it out.


Tom said...

Thanks for also posting a link to the video; I've never been much of an
out front" kind of guy or into advocacy. Since Ian was born, needless to say, things have changed a bit.

Looking forward to see how you "use your voice".

(My brother's name is Luke; I don't run into many people with that name.)

waldenhouse said...

Thanks Tom - Sorry I missed your comment a few weeks ago on Theology on Tap. That is more my husbands blog and he likely didn't get your comment.

Did your father go on to do missionary work after studying at CBC, now CIU (Columbia International University). We have met many folks affiliated with CIU. My husband and I actually studied at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando and enjoy having a seminary community nearby.

Anyway, thanks for stopping in.

Tom said...

I was actually born while he was getting his degree there, then we moved to Bolivia, South America where my parents worked as missionaries. (They now work on staff with John Piper at Bethlehem Baptist Church.)

I hope the church planting is going well there for your family.. hard work.

Jen said...

Hey - sorry you couldn't make it last night! :( Ian told me he had a good time with Luke last night at church! :)
You know, in light of what you wrote, it sheds a whole new light for me on the idea of Christ being our Advocate! I think I just needed that word-picture!

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