Breaking News

Timothy is walking!! Q: So, Timothy, this is big news. How do you feel?

T: Uh, okay, a little wobbly.
Q: What is your favorite part of traveling by foot?

T: Hmmm, so many things but I guess I would have to say that I have found there is lots more to get into. Also, I feel slightly superior to Wil now who has intimidated me up to this point.

Q: Right, right. But I do hear rumors that he is getting a little more motivated.
T: That's true. Mom and dad tell me that seeing me walk is encouraging him to try it out too. So my strategy is when I think he is getting too cocky I drop and crawl again. I don't think he is buying it though.
Q: So, inquiring minds want to know. . . what took you so long to get on your feet and walk?
T: Oh, that's easy. I like being carried. Love it actually. And mom was really good at it. Did you know that she and dad can carry me on one hip and Wil on the other at the same time? That's fun. And I really really like being at grown-up level. So chances are you will still find me in my parents arms a lot. I plan to protest if they don't oblige.

Q: Well, T, you seem to know what you like. Can I ask you one more question?

T.:Uh, no. I'm done with you. I am going to relax and read a little now.

Q: Come on, one more quick question?

T: Ugh! Seriously? No, I am done. Go talk to Wil.

Q: Fine. Wil, What do you think of Timothy's new skill?


Lark said...

Too cute. Love your interview :o) Also appreciate that your books are in as sad shape as ours. Grant loves to eat them.

Tom said...

Fun series of pictures and witty way to show them... With all the bad "Breaking News" in the world, this is the best kind. :)

Spitmonkey said...

Love it, Stacy. You have a real gift for writing. :)

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