Last Wednesday night we had our first snowfall of the year. Luke asks me at least twice a week when it will snow. He does not quite understand yet that we live a little south of regular snowfall. So when James saw the snow drifting to the ground at 11 pm we decided to wake Luke up to take a look. We knew it wouldn't be on the ground in the morning and with the crazy fluctuating temperatures this may be our only glimpse of the powdery white stuff this winter. Luke and dad watching the snowflakes sprinkle the ground.
We got a light dusting before it turned to sleet. It was nice. There is something so peaceful and pure about a light snow fall. The neighborhood was quiet. The street lamps gave off the only light which provided a soft yellow glow behind the airy flakes as they fell. For those few moments on the porch it felt like time paused. Luke was even quiet as he took in his first glimpse of this stuff he has been craving.

Luke stayed up a little longer to enjoy the beauty of it. One of the things I love about Luke is that he really likes to experience life. He appreciates good ambiance and really drinks in beautiful sites. When we have a fire he wants to turn all the lights off and relax on the sofa. When he observes a pretty sunset he almost always comments on it. He even appreciated our dreary rainy day this week declaring, "This is a good rainy day isn't it mom? I like all the dark clouds."


Rising Rainbow said...

It is cool that he is so observant of the world around him.

waldenhouse said...

Yes it is - he teaches me a lot.

You have a great site, btw, your horses are beautiful.

Jen said...

Very sweet! Too bad it was gone the next day! :( The past few years up in NC we didn't really have many good snows....but we move away and they get two in a row! :) Go figure!

By the way - I love the material on your chairs!

waldenhouse said...

Thanks Jen - those were my grandmother's chairs that we had recovered last year. I love them and they are comfortable to boot.

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