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Luke really changed when he turned five. For some reason that is the arbitrary age he selected as the one to reach. When you turn five you are officially a big boy and should no longer be referred to in language that remotely resembles anything cutesy. I think I mentioned at the time of his birthday that he began calling me Mom, instead of Mommy, and James Dad, instead of daddy, and my mother Non, instead of Nonnie. He decided that Papa wasn't too babyish for some reason though he did toy around with Pa - guess he didn't like the way it sounded. We also are corrected if we refer to him as "cute," whether it be in reference to a new haircut or the way he looks in his new sweater and winter cap. "You mean handsome," he says with that half question, half command inflection in his voice.

His role as big brother has also changed since he turned five. He seems to be taking it very seriously. He now wants to take part in feeding and watching out for his two younger brothers. And as of late he is enjoying a new role - educator. Not long ago, after feeding Wil and T, I found Luke pivoting from one to the other telling them all about Adam and Eve while holding up a cutesy, I mean handsome, picture of the duo he colored in Sunday School.
I was very impressed with his re-telling. It went something like this. . ."and first God made Adam from the dirt then he wanted him to have a girlfriend so he took one of Adam's bones, I don't know which one but I am sure it was a bone, and made Eve out of that bone. Can you believe that? And that is how Adam and Eve were born. But actually they weren't really born, they were made." (I think I am seeing my gift, or is it a curse, of over explaining emerge in Luke)

Later he took delight in teaching Wil all about the world of PBSkids.com
And most impressive to Wil, who has a thing for monkey's, was Curious George. He could be heard cackling all over the house as George got into all sorts of mischief at the hands of Luke.

Timothy is doing some learning of his own.
Like trying to figure out the noise coming from the dishwasher while thoroughly enjoying the sensation against his cheek.

And can it be?

Is Timothy walking?

Well, not quite, but he is getting there!


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