Bye bye Sears

I love to mow the grass. I love to go through closets and clear them of unnecessary clutter and clothes that are no longer worn. I love to paint the walls and maintain an organized pantry. These things are very satisfying to me. There is instant gratification. You can see the before and after and enjoy it for a little while. It also gives me some sense of control in my life, false as it may be.

There is, however, one household chore that does not bring me the same satisfaction. Doing laundry. I don't like any aspect of it; washing, drying, ironing, folding - I find the whole process loathsome. Part of the reason for this is because it is absolutely never ending. Literally, as soon as I think I have caught up someone is shedding more dirty clothes or throwing a soiled towel in the hamper or coming in from a sweaty run or bike ride. I'm sure you all can identify.

I really started to feel the increase in loads with boy number two. When I became pregnant with boy number three I knew something needed to change. The washer and dryer that we had was approaching 14 years of age and had a pretty small barrel. I got it when I was fresh out of college and living on my own - single, pursuing a career, and doing small amounts of laundry. Now with a growing family it was time to get machines with a larger barrel and get this constant clothes washing problem under control. So 18 months ago, just before Timothy was born, we purchased this handsome duo from Sears.

A Kenmore front load washer and dryer - which, by the way, I have recently learned is made by whirlpool. Two weeks after they were delivered the washer conked out due to a bad mother board. It was quickly replaced and we have had no problems since. We have enjoyed all the things the sales person promised. Larger loads, energy efficient, faster drying time, and more.

Until now. After hearing some suspicious noises we contacted the appliance folks at Sears. They came out, reminded us we are no longer under warranty, then delivered the bad news. The washer is ca put - will cost more to repair than to buy a new one. The dryer, while still functioning fine, has worn down rollers in the front. We can replace them for a good chunk of change but they will likely wear down again in another 12-18 months leaving us with the same irritating noise.

The promises of unending laundering happiness were short lived. So while I had 18 months of greater satisfaction in the laundry department it is nothing compared to the dissatisfaction of knowing that we essentially threw a good deal of money down the drain. And you know what else? The laundry pile was still never ending.

I wonder about my old top load washer and dryer. We gave them to a college graduate setting out to begin his new life and career. I bet they are still going strong for him. I hope so.

(I did speak with Sears in a vain attempt to get a replacement or even some degree of refund. They are sorry for any inconvienence this has caused us and are sorry we didn't buy their very expensive extended warranty. But thanked us for shopping with Sears.)


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Jen said...

Oh good grief!!! Whatever happened to CUSTOMER SERVICE????!!!! Stuff like this drives me nuts. Decency, putting others before the big buck....grrr.
Love your blog - I haven't blogged in a LOOOOOONG time though I so much used to enjoy it....I used to enjoy a lot of things! :)
By the way - love the coat!!! I cannot tell you how many times I've felt exactly the way you described..... - I used to be able to wear my very stylish aunt's hand-me downs - once-upon-a-time....

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