Ten Minutes in the Life of Wil and T

Much of my day is spent keeping Wil and Timothy out of trouble - from harming themselves, each other, the walls, the furniture, and sometimes me. I grabbed my camera and followed them for 10 minutes yesterday. Here is what unfolded.

First Timothy got stuck in our "Big Daddy" rocker, which he has done numerous times. Really, I have lost count and he just keeps getting himself back in the same predicament. As he gets thicker around the middle it is getting harder to get the little bugger out.

Timothy then made his way to the front room where Wil was drinking his Milk on the sofa - in peace - and then strong armed him out of it.

After giving up his milk Wil happily moved on to climb on the nearest chair. His leg is kicked back because he is trying to rock the chair - a new trick. I'm certain he will manage to tip the chair and himself over in the weeks to come. And then we will have blood and more broken furniture.

While Wil was working on tipping over my grandmother's Victorian chair which I recently recovered T went on to remove all the pillows from the sofa. Something both he and Wil do at least a dozen times a day. I know, I should just get rid of the pillows!

Timothy polished off what was left of his milk before spotting his favorite trouble-maker activity.

The Stairs! He and Wil have both learned how to remove the gate so we have a new challenge before us. Just so you don't get the impression Wil is sitting back like an angel you should know that he is poised and ready to scoot up the stairs as soon as I get out of the way. Which I don't. So he screams his new "mad" scream.

After securing the gate I stop to explain to Luke - again - why it is not good for his 45 pound body to be stretched out on the bookshelves.

And while doing that for, oh. . . 30 seconds - T and Wil head for the kitchen.

T goes from floor to chair to table in seconds. Wil is usually first on the table but when he lands in an arm chair he loves to sit back like a big boy. So today he just watches T at work.

At this point I must put down the camera before everything on the table hits the floor. Which would cause me to weep because I just cleaned the floor. Not that it matters. Lunch is around the corner and usually some portion of the meal hits the floor.

So if you need some exercise please stop by. These guys will keep you on the run. And at 28 pounds each you will get some strength training in too!


Chris said...

Whew those boys have a lot of energy! If I were you, I'd leave those pillows on the sofa. If removing them keeps them busy at least a dozen times during the day, that's a dozen times you know they are engaged in a safe activity--can't do much harm with a pillow (as opposed to climbing on table and venturing up stairs). Looks like it may be time for a different gate on those stairs LOL. They are all adorable. While they must exhaust you, they must bring a lot of laughter into your lives.

Lark said...

Two little ones can really keep you busy! I know that I feel like a ping pong ball some days, pulling Grant off the table and then getting Amelia out of my purse, then back to Grant to get him out of the trash...and on and on. I feel ya! That's a great idea to go around with a camera. Sometimes at the end of the day the house looks like a tornado and I'm thinking...I know I picked that area up already today. Thanks for the laugh :o)

waldenhouse said...

Thanks for stopping in Chris. I like your perspective on the pillows, you are absolutely right.

Hi there Lark - yes, they are curious little beasts aren't they! Never a dull moment with little ones.

Tammy and Parker said...

Wow! That has got to make for exhausted Mom!

Spitmonkey said...

I love it. I'm glad I am not the only one whose child destroys the house. I bet Sydney could give the boys a run for their money! You really should clip a pedometer to your belt and see how much you walk in a day chasing those hoodlums around. ;-) Hugs!

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