Pieces of Asheville

After Timothy's Birthday celebration last Saturday James and I, taking advantage of Grandma being in town, jumped in the car and headed for the mountains. Asheville and it's surrounding communities has long been a favorite spot of ours. We love the mountains, the weather, the myriad of things to do outdoors, the antique shopping, the variety of people drawn to the area, the food, and the beer selection to name a few. So every time we have a day or two to spare we tend to go to the Asheville, Black Mountain, Montreat area and just bum around.

We decided to go up Saturday night after T's birthday dinner so that we had a full day Sunday to fit in some of our favorite things. We arrived a little late but since we didn't have to wake up with the roosters - I mean the kids - we hit the town. He has a slight look of concern in his eyes doesn't he? Not sure what that is about. Maybe my head was starting to transform into a pumpkin. Because, truth be told, I am incapable of staying out past 10pm. I tried. Really I did. But before James could finish his first beer I was phasing out. Even knowing I could sleep in as late as I wanted couldn't keep me awake. Poor guy, I am a lame date.

After a good nights sleep, waking up when our bodies were naturally ready rather than being jolted awake by our children, we mozy'ed (is that a word?) downtown. We walked and walked, popping in and out of shops, discovering new places, and wondering who really pays $75 for an "organic" onesie for a 3 month old. Certainly not the hippies over at Mellow Mushroom. Next we drove over the Black Mountain to our favorite pizza joint and had some lunch.

Mmmmmm. That is some good stuff there!

Next stop, my favorite antique shop. I have found some great stuff here. This trip was no exception - found lots of great stuff, just couldn't bring any of it home.

Another favorite stop is the local used bookstore. Because Montreat College is a mile down the road they tend to have a pretty decent theology section. I browse with James for a bit and then I usually end up here, enjoying the action on Cherry St. My stamina in bookstores is no match for my husbands. I think I actually fell asleep out here. Next stop was Montreat. We wandered around the campus. Nosed around the Assembly Inn.And found a trail to walk.Uh, James. Let's not forget I am not dressed for hiking. I am wearing five year old Mary Janes with no support to speak of. And jeans. James enters an alternate universe when he makes his way into the woods. He reports that he literally aches, in a good way. I think it is a longing for heaven. Every time we visit we scheme of ways to move our family up. Maybe one day.

Last stop was The Grove Park Inn. This has become something of a tradition for us. We drive up around sunset, buy an over priced beer or coffee from the bar and sit on their terrace, enjoying the view while watching the sun slip behind the mountain ranges ahead. This picture simply does not do justice to the view at all. My camera, combined with the lighting, just couldn't pick up the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. We have never stayed over night at the Grove Park Inn. It is just a tad out of our price range. The people who stay here? These are the folks who buy the $75 organic onesies we saw in the boutique window.

And this is what we love about Asheville. There is literally something for everyone and we have found a way to enjoy pieces of it all. Maybe one day we will be able to enjoy more than pieces at a time. But for now? We are thankful for the day trips! And for Grandma's and Nonnie's who make them possible.


Lark said...

I love montreat, I went there for youth camps in high school with our 5 person youth group (that's high school AND middle school).

Then Kevin and I went back there on our honeymoon. My hope is that one day we'll take the kids there to run all around. I loved seeing your pictures of it.

We ate at the Grove Park Inn on our honeymoon as reccommended by Richard. Not in the little cafe place, but Horizons, the fanciest place there. Two onesies or one dinner for 2? Hmm.

Glad you guys had a good time. At least you are relatively close and you can do a quick trip like that. We are glad Kevin's parents live up there so we have an excuse to go there once or twice a year.

Spitmonkey said...

Looks gorgeous!! I can't fathom $75 for onesies... that just nuts. They spit up on it, that's it. And drool. No thanks, I'll stick with Carter's and Old Navy. LOL

Anyway, beautiful pictures! I'm glad you had fun! :)

Ctina said...

Ahhh...the Grove Park Inn...one day I will stay the night there...it is a goal in life.

Also, your blue flower shirt in the hiking photo? Pretty sure its from Ann Taylor LOFT...yeah I work there...I'm pretty much a big deal...

By the way, I'm seeing Dolly Parton Oct. 18 and New Kids on the Block Nov. 2...I thought you'd find that amusing! :)

Glad you two got to have a fun weekend!

My name is Sarah said...

This is Sarah's mom, Joyce. Isn't it great to just get away for a day or two. You both look like you enjoyed it and visited some great places.

greg said...

Awesome that you two got to have some time away- and what a good place to get some time...

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