Sarah Palin Baby Names

If you (or your children) were born to Sarah Palin what would you be named?

Go here to find out.

Here are our Sarah Palin Baby Names:

Me: Strike Chipper Palin

James: Crank Widow Palin

Luke: Beans Harpoon Palin

Wil: Jeep Pike Palin

Timothy: Spoon Archer Palin

We're thinking of keeping them. :)


Spitmonkey said...

I would be Axw Diesel Palin *LOL!!* Jarrod would be Taupe Armageddon Palin. And Sydney would be Shot Corrugated Palin.

Oh my, I'm rolling over here, and it's only 8:00 in the morning. ;-) Good linky, I shall post it, too! Thanks! :D

Spitmonkey said...

Uh, my name was Axe, little typo there. ;-)

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