Conversations with Luke, #57

Luke: I want something else to eat, I'm still hungry. (this after hamburger, fries, and ice cream)

Me: You may have some carrots.

Luke: Carroooots??

Me: Yep

Luke: How many?

Me: Just grab a handful, Luke.

Luke: Dad said I have to eat as many as my age.

Me: Sounds good, five carrots.

Luke: Does that mean when I am 40 I will have to eat 40 carrots?

And then later, coming out of the bathroom. . .

Luke: Mom, is my head on my body?

Me: It appears to be there, Luke, screwed on pretty tight.

Luke: huh, I didn't see my reflection when I looked in the mirror. I thought it might have fallen off.

Me: Wha...? Nevermind.


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