Beans? What Beans?

Look, Mom. I have eaten everything on my plate. Can I please get down now?

Eat my beans? I don't know what you are talking about. I don't see any beans.

Okay, mom, I can see that you are not understanding my verbal requests so I will use sign language for you. "All done, All done."
Like I said. I don't know what these beans are that you speak of. I don't see any beans.

The beans on my plate? hehehe I will take care of that. I see beans on the table but not on my plate. You didn't say anything about eating the beans on the table.

Hey, no fair putting them back on the plate! I told you I don't see them. Ugh, and no fair force feeding me. Don't you know that is a bad parenting technique. I'm sure you read that in a book somewhere.

Eeewww, gross. I just can't do it. This is toddler torture.

Blech! I'm definitely done! Those are n.a.s.t.y! Anyway, I don't see any beans.


Lark said...

we've been trying to get Grant to eat broccoli. He's not eaten any green veggies unless they are baby food veggies. I bought a pack of velveta and have been melting it in with the broccoli and will try it with green beans next. He did try it and ate a few bites. Success!
Those pictures are too cute :o)

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

LOL That was SOOO cute! Let the poor kid be all done! LOL Or maybe he'll at them with a toothpick! LOL

My name is Sarah said...

We are big time howling over here. That is too cute. I like beans but my brothers hate them too.

Terry Family said...

lol! hide them in his brownies!!

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