How to Cook a Turkey (according to a six year old)

In case you are tired of the same ole' turkey routine might I suggest trying any one of the following. . .

Luke: "I would get a turkey from Publix and cook it on the grill for 20 minutes and then take it off to eat. I would eat corn and ice cream for dessert."

Here are some other methods given by his classmates:

"I would hunt to get the turkey in the woods. Then I would cook it in a frying pan and put it on the oven. I would cook it for 45 minutes. Put some salt and pepper on it to make it yummy in your tummy."

"I would get a turkey from the farm. I will cook this turkey for 90 seconds. I will eat the turkey. I will eat cupcakes with it."

"I would go and hunt one in the woods where the turkey lives. I would shoot the turkey with a musket. I would go and cook it at my house in a pan and then I would eat it and put some salt on it. I would have some soup with it."

"I would get it from the woods. We would look around and try to find a turkey and when it is tired of running we would catch it. I would take it home and put in the stove to burn up a little bit so we can eat it. I would cook it and eat it with salt. I would eat ham on it."

"I would get a turkey from the flea market. I will cook the turkey in the oven. I will cook it for about 8:30. I would eat vegetables with it."

"I get a turkey from the woods. I would catch it with a rope. I would take it home and cook it in the oven for 15 minutes. I would get the turkey on a plate and eat it. I would have chips with it."

"At the store, I would get the turkey. I would cook it in a roasting pan. I would put chestnuts on it. I would cook it for 6 hours. When it's ready, I would put some garlic and potatoes on the side. I would put chestnut stuffing there, too!"


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

LOL I'm thinking the last kid helps mom in the kitchen! :)

My name is Sarah said...

We are so laughing. My brother likes the catch it with the rope one. Have a good turkey day.

Spitmonkey said...

I think my favorite is cooking it for SIX HOURS. *ROFL*

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