turkey, horses, and guns

Thanksgiving in the country provides a little something for everyone. Or maybe I should say Thanksgiving in the country with my family provides a little something for everyone. Here is what our Turkey day looked like.

Gathering for prayer and food instructions. The latter being very important as 50 people seek to pile their plates high of Thanksgiving Day grub without having a collision.

Tables filled with hungry adults and kids in all corners of the house, inside and out. At first it is silent as we all shovel the food in, then conversations begin. About theology. . . .

or politics (wait, didn't we agree not to talk politics today?). . .

or how to successfully hide green beans so that dessert can be had. . .

or why Stacy is walking around the house with a camera rather than eating her dinner.

Timothy has found his way to aunt Minnimie's lap thinking he might find some more food. Please note Pieter in the background. That kid is always smiling!

It is now time to "rock off" dinner. And then slowly but surely eveyone made it outdoors to various activities, including but not limited to. . .

playing in the leaves with cousins. . .

or taking a turn on the horses. . .

or driving the golf cart. . .

or playing on the tractor. . .

or catching up with a cool cousin. . . or. . . are you ready?

target practice.

That's right. Because, really, what is a holiday family gathering without a little gunfire?

But don't be afraid. Everyone knows what they are doing.

Well, sort of. That's right, my eyes are closed. Evidently this is a big "no-no" when handling a weapon.

So is laughing hysterically.

Okay, here we go. Eyes open, no laughing. Got it!

The kids were banned from the area of the woods where my super cautious father set up for shooting. Luke, however, found a way to check out the action.

And just so you know, shooting in my family is for pure sport. We don't hunt and guns are locked and secure in a special closet that doesn't even have a door knob. Ain't nobody getting in there but Papa.

And every year we try to get a current family photo. This was the best of the bunch if that tells you anything. Could the boys look any more irritated at having to sit still for 10 seconds?

Hope your Thanksgiving was as good as ours!


My name is Sarah said...

What a great day. Looks like you had fun.

greg said...

Ahahhaa! That picture of James with the gun is hilarious. Love it. You two mean business.

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