Buying only what I love

That is my new policy. I suppose it is a no brainer for many people but I have not always done that. I often settle. Like when I needed a new pair of everyday shoes but couldn't find what I wanted so I settled for a pair that, now, rarely come in contact with my feet. Or when we needed an area rug and my impatience with looking committed me to a so-so rug that I like okay but don't love. And there are plenty of things hanging in my closet that fall into this category.

So, my new rule is that if I don't absolutely love it then I don't buy it. My most recent example of this is a lamp shade. I have been looking for a shade for a floor lamp that we purchased for a dark corner in our den. I knew when we bought the floor lamp that I could not live with the shade but I really loved the base. So I set about looking for shades. Twice I carried something to checkout, was overcome with guilt that I was about to break my new rule, and returned them to the shelf. And then it happened. I found the shade that I love.

While visiting friends in Gainesville last weekend I walked by a store called Urban Threads that sells clothes and household items from Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and JCrew at discount prices. Perched in the window was the lamp shade I had to have. Stop laughing James.

Here it is. . .

And another view. . . Isn't it great? Appliqued branches, boughs and winged creatures are sewn around the shade. It's from Anthropologie. I love their clothes, their accesories, and their home decor but rarely shop there because it is out of our price range. But this shade that I love? Only $25 at Urban Threads. In their catalogue? $78.

Getting it for such a steal makes me love it all the more!


My name is Sarah said...

I like the little birds on your new lampshade. very nice

Spitmonkey said...

I love the new shade!! I have come to the point like you - if I am not in love with it, it's not coming home. Sometimes I get tempted by a good bargain and then I am ticked because I don't LOVE it when I get home. Tired of junk in my closet, you know?

Anyway, love the new shade, good job!! :D

Terry Family said...

love the new header!!! Did you design it? Really lovely! Happy Thanksgiving! Blessings to your family

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