2009, what?

Is it 2009 already?

There was no New Year's Eve revelry here. No horns or hats or champagne. After some take out pizza with friends and their kids I felt a migraine coming on so I was in bed by 9.30, leaving James to ring in the new year alone. Didn't bother him. He spent his time preparing for a wedding he is officiating Saturday night. It was fitting for me to end 2008 with a migraine. After all, I spent much of December with one (actually I have spent much of the year with one!) which is why I have been neglecting the ole' blog lately.

I'll get back into the rhythm of things soon. It's a new year after all. One of my favorite times of the year - I love the whole "out with the old, in with the new" attitude.

So, I'll be back soon. Until then, here's what went on around here at Christmas.

We baked - cookies, buckeyes, and other Christmas goodies. And we made a much anticipated ginger bread house.

We played. We toppled. We laughed on our Rody's.

We went to the Zoo and took a spin on the Carousel.

And we created.

I hope you, too, enjoyed Christmas, your family, and your friends!

Happy New Year!


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My name is Sarah said...

Happy New Year. Hope those migraines go away. My mom used to get those bad too.

Lark said...

Yeah, the crib vs. toddler bed wasn't an option for us. Unfortnately about a year ago (!) Grant was climbing out of the crib and we HAD to move him into the toddler bed. He would climb out of the crib and then couldn't get back in. One day I found him asleep on his tummy on the glider with his feet hanging off the front.

I thought Amelia was bad/early coming out of her crib at 2 1/4 yrs old. Grant didn't even make it to 18 months :o( Keep Timothy in there as long as you can!

And the spraypainted bed didn't even last 5 minutes in the room before it had a scratch on it that showed the brass underneath. We hadn't even gotten it fully put together yet. Oh well, it was free so I guess that makes it okay :o)

Spitmonkey said...

Haha, it's funny that you have the Rody pony duo... I *just* had my dad blow ours up to put in Pizza's room... which Sydney has now commandeered... (the pony, not the room).

Love the fluffage! :D May 2009 be prosperous for you all!

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