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"You know what I really don't like about life?" "Night time. You can't talk. There is nothing to play with. You just have to lie there. In the dark. Doing nothing and saying nothing. It's boring."

"I think Miss. Sherah (a college student attending our church) is named Sherah because she is good at sharing."

"Dormant is my favorite word because it feels good on my tongue. And in my mouth. Dormant, dormant, dormant, dormant. Try it. Don't you think so?"

after I put butter in the wrong batter mix while baking together. . . "Seeing you do that reminds me that adults can make really big mistakes too."

"It will only take a momentary signal to finish this." "Timothy needs a momentary signal before his bath." "Wil, would you like a momentary signal before we go outside?" "I'm coming in one momentary signal." Luke, what is a 'momentary signal' and where did you learn that phrase? "I made it up. It's a good one I can use to say a lot of things."

"Sometimes I feel like someone is watching me. I don't know where they are though."

"I just cannot help all this burping that is going on. God must really want me to be a good burper."

"I don't like the quiet game."


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