Snow Day

The chatter started over the weekend. The local meteorologists were throwing around the "s" word. Boy do they ever talk up the possibility of snow! Living in the midlands of SC must be pretty boring for a meteorologist. We seem to be right on that line where the cold fronts that bring "severe" weather just miss us or, at the most, give us only a taste. But when it is in the forecast as a possibility their excitement and hopefulness can be felt through the tv. By Monday they were telling us we may get 1-3 inches. Very exciting stuff! That's when the schools started closing. Now, it has been really cold lately. So cold that the fountain at the entrance of our neighborhood has looked like this for days now.

But we haven't had any precipitation. So this was our big moment. The temperatures were right and precipitation was headed our way. The school districts around town were not taking any chances. What with Columbia's lack of equipment for snow plowing, combined with the fact that we are notoriously bad drivers. It's true. Not to mention that with Tuesday being Inauguration Day most classes would be sitting in front of the television anyway.

The cancellations were not in vain. We got our snow. The meteorologists were giddy. The kids got to experience some of the powdery stuff. And we all got to watch the Inauguration while enjoying the beauty of the snow drifting across our windows.

My friends North and West of me will laugh at the following photos. Go ahead, I can take it.

These were taken shortly after we woke on Tuesday. We got to enjoy the flurries until early afternoon. We'll take what we can get!


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Kristen Triplett said...

We got snow last week too! And trust me, I was running around like a little kid in it! I'm such a Florida girl. :)

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