On a cold winters day

It's cold here. I know, it's cold everywhere. And the majority of the country has been experiencing highs that are much colder than our lows. Still, we are cold. Single digit temps are cold enough for this Southern Girl.

While I personally love the cold weather it's tough on the little guys. They have been a sickly crew for the better part of Fall and Winter so when the day time temps drop into the 30's and it's windy out, they stay in. And when they stay in all day? Well, that is when their "troublemaking" gifts really shine. This is compounded by a long weekend, no school yesterday or Monday. So structuring their time, while always a good idea, is especially important when I can't open the back door and let them run wild.

If I don't? Things like this happen. . .

Where is that woman? I wonder if I can get all these down before she comes back to the kitchen?

Because my house is enough of a disaster I have aimed to keep the boys somewhat busy.

Let the coloring begin.

Luke is the master of the sunny, cheerful picture. I have a collection of them waiting for frames.

Wil and Timothy are masters at dumping the crayons out of their box. It is evidently hysterical and worth the effort to pick up their own mess because they never miss an opportunity to watch them tumble.

Working on puzzles and reading books can only be experienced in small doses with these two who seem to need a high degree of gross motor activity. So we weave the above between the activity below,

because pulling off cushions and removing clothes remain Wil and Timothy's most favorite activity of all.

Luke has a science experiment going. A celery stalk in a glass of red water. After several days the celery will turn red. This is also an experiment in patience for Luke, who checks on it every half hour or so.

And me? I'm doing a lot of this.


Spitmonkey said...

I am quite familiar with that last picture - do the same myself. *lol*

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