Progress Report

First of all, how do you like that outfit? It's a t-shirt over a footed sleeper. See, we are having to get creative with our little streaker. He simply will not keep his clothes on once placed in his crib. Last week after we put him down for a nap, he stripped every thread of clothing from his body and tossed them around the room. Including his diaper. Which means that he slept naked. Which means that we had a real mess on our hands - well, on Wil's body, his sheets, quilt, crib, and yes, even the wall - when he woke. I'll spare you the rest.

You're welcome.

Those of you that have kids with special needs might understand what I am about to say. While soaking Wil in the tub, stripping his bed, loading laundry, wiping down his crib and walls, I was quietly smiling. We didn't simply have a stinky mess on our hands. We had a new skill. Wil is undressing himself! This means that his fine and gross motor skills are improving. His coordination is improving. His balance is improving. This means that he is on his way to becoming a little more independent.

Up to this point we have been changing his clothes, without his assistance. Partly because we seem to always be in hurry for fear that one of the other two will destroy something while we are with Wil and partly because it's just become habit, it's easier. But after the nap incident and learning that he has been working on this skill at school we realized that we should be giving Wil this responsibility at home. Every time we change clothes. Tonight, while getting Wil ready for bed, James asked him to take his shirt off. And he promptly did so. We cheered and hollered and he looked at us like we were crazy.

Wil's progress is obvious. Mine is that I am willing to give a little extra time, and risk a mess, in order to allow Wil to do more for himself. I am paying attention to the small things, like undressing or using a spoon or giving him more time at the table, and delighting in those moments rather than feeling stressed by them. Well, I am me. The stress is still there, but I am trying! Maybe by the time they are all grown I will have lightened up a little. Maybe.

And on the medical front. . . after months of sickness and three rounds of antibiotics we are off to the ENT. Chances are good that Wil is going to need his adenoids removed. If that will clear him up then I am all for it! That will be a cake walk compared to heart surgery!!

night, night


Spitmonkey said...

Haha, it must be something in the air with the poop issues. *lol* But that IS great he's undressing himself! And you're right, ENT can't possibly be harder on you and Wil than the heart surgeon! He'll be good to go! :D

Ruby's Mom said...

It helps me to read your blog since your child with Down syndrome is older than mine.It helps me to know what might be ahead in this journey.You have such a wonderful attitude.You're a blessing.

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