A Gem of a Husband!

Last week my fantastic husband surprised me by telling me he scheduled a two night winter escape for me. It wasn't a total surprise. We had kicked around the idea of getting away together, to our favorite spot, but we tabled it. Money, busy schedules, money, what to do with the kids, and money.

But my dear, sweet, thoughtful husband who is so deliberate about caring for me decided what I really needed was time to myself. (I love that he understands my introversion and doesn't think I am a freak.) And moreover, he sent me to a place I have long dreamed of staying. The Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa in Asheville, NC. James and I have made it a habit of dropping by the Grove Park Inn every time we are in this area. We hang out in their Grand Hall, have a drink and watch the sunset over the mountains while rocking on their fabulous back terrace.

Then we head out to more affordable accommodations.

So, James, in all his kindness, decided I needed a break from this. . .

and needed to enjoy a little bit of this. . .

As if staying at this amazing mountainside resort (ALONE) weren't enough, James scheduled spa treatments for me in their nationally ranked spa. It was divine! Their spa experience is unlike anything I have ever taken part in. From start to finish I was pampered and the amenities available pre and post treatment were just as relaxing as the treatments themselves.

In addition to spa treatments, sunsets, and good old fashioned solitude, I enjoyed wandering in and out of some of my favorite antique shops and adding some new spots to my list. I also got to visit with some old friends that live in the area. What a treat!

And now, I sit here, in an Asheville coffee shop, waiting for 5 o'clock to roll around. That's when I will head to Windy Gap and meet up with my four guys. We have all been invited to attend the Young Life camp this weekend and stay in one of their family cabins as a guest of the camp director. This will be such fun for the boys.

Time away is good. It is necessary. It refreshes and renews. It offers perspective. And at the same time it always makes me long to be home, with my family. I'm so grateful to have a husband who understands all that. I cannot wait to step back into the chaos with them this afternoon!!


Lark said...

How fabulous! You finally got to stay at the Grove Park Inn (and you didn't have to buy a ridiculously priced onesie)! That's awesome, so glad that you had a good time and hope this weekend will be a blessing of refreshment for you all.

Terry Family said...

God bless that man!!! Looks simply divine!

Teena said...

what a fabulous treat from James! the resort sounds amazing. I hope you are having a wonderful time with your four guys this weekend!

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