Timothy has taken to removing his soiled diapers (and thus his clothing), leaving them where removed, and bringing me a fresh diaper while repeating "duh, duh, duh" until I acknowledge the diaper in hand, and his nakedness.

Time to toilet train, right?

It would seem so, except Timothy will have absolutely nothing to do with the toilet.

So, we have a little dilemma on our hands. :)


Spitmonkey said...

Does he have issues with both the regular toilet and a kiddie potty? Syd has always preferred the adult toilet with a seat. Hmmm. I'd venture to say potty train, too, but sitting on the pot is a pretty large part of the process. *lol*

Lark said...

I'm with you today on this. Grant just refuses to keep his diaper on and wants to run around naked. But he will keep underwear on and wants to wear those all day now. So this morning he wanted to wear them, and has just pretty much wet every pair he puts. He'll wet them a little bit and then want a new dry pair. Sigh. This is the thing that drove me crazy when Amelia was 2. Hopefully i can deal with it better this time around, but I'm not keeping my hopes up!

Terry Family said...

Try some M&Ms.

Holli said...

Hey I noticed the LAMP in the background of this picture! love it. We solved our potty training woes by having Dora the Explorer call and give Marin a pep-talk... she's been dry sense that Spanish speaking chick called and said "hola Marin! I'm so proud of you for trying to go pee pee on the toilet. Keep up the good work!" to which Marin responded that she actually owns Dora panties and then sang the ABC's for her, hahaha. It was a riot.

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